If it's good enough for my son... it's good enough for me!

If it's good enough for my son... it's good enough for me!

It's never too late to achieve your dream smile with a little help from Just Orthodontics...

Loose Women host Andrea McLean, 46, announced that after years of putting it off herself, she was having orthodontic treatment at the same time as her son. She said 'My 14 year old son just had them done, I was saying you’re so brave, and I thought you’re such a hypocrite because you never did'.

Here at Just Orthodontics we have noticed it's becoming more and more common for adults to have fixed treatment, not just children. What we are also discovering is that there is a cross-generation of patients at our practice. We treat children, parents and sometimes even grandparents at the same time! We think it's great to go into treatment together and believe it's never too late to achieve your dream smile. We have treated patients from 8 years to 80 years old and have seen what a difference a great smile makes to each and every one of them.

Why not get in contact with us to discuss having treatment. Maybe you have always wanted to achieve your perfect smile but have put it off just like Andrea, or perhaps you have a child about to begin treatment with us and would love to do the same.  We could even arrange a free treatment consultation to discuss this the next time your child has a visit with us. Click here to book a Free Consultation »

For more information about Loose Women host Andrea McLean's experience click here »

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