Metal Braces

At Just Orthodontics this treatment option is available to eligible NHS patients with the main advantages being that it a highly cost-effective treatment option and is suitable for almost every situation.


The Traditional Way to Straighten your Smile

Having been in use for over 100 years, metal braces are the traditional "train track" braces that most people think of when they read about orthodontic treatment. They consist of small metal brackets which are fitted to the front of your teeth with a wire running between them kept in place by small elastic bands. A series of different sized wires are then used to gradually move your teeth into place.

The only disadvantage of this type of brace is its appearance. It is the least discreet of all the braces we offer and can be off putting to many adults who want to avoid the teenager look.

If you are looking for a more discreet way to straighten your teeth, we also offer Radiance Clear Ceramic Braces which are tooth coloured, and Incognito Lingual Braces that sit on the back of teeth.


Metal Braces Stroubridge



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