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COVID-19 Precautions

Following on from the COVID-19 pandemic, the safety of our team and our valued patients is our main priority. Post 'lock-down' we have returned to a very different workplace here at Just Orthodontics. Most notably, our surgery doors are kept locked during working hours so please do not turn up without an appointment as you will be turned away.

Also, we have increased protective measures to meet recent NHS, professional and national guidance to keep our patients, their families, and our team healthy and safe. We have also increased our infection control procedures and reduced the number appointments that we are able to provide on a daily basis - as we  need to spend more time 'deep cleaning' our surgeries between appointments.

We would like to draw your attention to the main differences that you, our valued patients, will experience when visiting us:

Step 1. Pre-Appointment (Covid Status) Form

By completing this short form, you are helping us to assess the Covid risk status of you, and your household. As with all of the steps that we are putting in place in our practice; the more information we have about your current situation/ your individual needs prior to your appointment, the more we can ensure that we provide you with the best possible care whilst you are with us.


Step 2. Medical History Form

Because everyone's health may well have changed over recent months, we are asking all of our patients to complete a new Medical History Form prior to your first appointment back with us. This just means that our records will be completely up-to-date and we'll be able to meet all of your dental health care needs safely and reliably.


Step 3.Confirming your Appointment

Once you have completed the above forms, please email us at to confirm that we have received these, and that your appointment has been confirmed/ scheduled in our diary.

Step 4. Arriving for your Appointment

Holcroft Dental and Just Orthodontics are operating in separate zones within the building. This means that our waiting room is currently closed in order to best facilitate social distancing. Our surgery doors are kept locked during working hours so please call us on 07763 483261 when you arrive and a member of our team will pop out to collect you/ escort you from your vehicle to the surgery as soon as we are ready for you.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and co-operation on all of the above, and for taking the time to help us keep everyone protected. We look forward to seeing you soon!


Frequently Asked Questions

1: Is it possible to socially distance in the practice?

We will not be using the waiting room at this time, we will ask for the patient alone to come into the surgery, and they will be escorted from their vehicle to the surgery and back. The building has been zoned to reduce the number of people in any area, and some facilities have been closed at this time.

2: Can patients use the patient toilet?

Like most businesses we have closed the patient toilet and would ask patients to make sure they have thoroughly brushed their teeth and used the bathroom before coming to see us.

3: I’m worried about the impact of delays on treatment.

Unfortunately the lock-down may well extend treatment for some individuals, however we expect the majority will stay on track, and there is a good chance some patients will actually make quicker progress.

4: How are you going to assess the priority of each case?

When you request an appointment we will request an e-mail address, we will send an assessment pack to that address which you will need to complete and return, once this is received you may be required to submit photos to help us, or have a further telephone consultation prior to an appointment being made.

5: I’m worried about coming for my appointment as I have to come on the bus/ train

We will check your travel arrangements when we assess you, but we would recommend not using public transport at this time, particularly if you are travelling a long distance to see us.  We will offer you support via the phone / video-link.

6: With the doors locked where do I wait for my appointment?

Access to the surgery will be via a strict one-in-one-out policy.  Patients will be greeted from their vehicles and escorted to and from the surgery by a member of the team. We will ask you to text us as you arrive on site (with vehicle details anything like partial number plate…..make……colour etc) and we will collect the patient from the car.

7: How will I get my appointments?

We will be working as a paperless practice when we re-open.  Appointments will be made by text and we will not have a dedicated receptionist on site.

8: My brace is broken, will it be repaired totally when I come?     

We will initially only be able to make very limited repairs to appliances, as we do not want to generate clouds of potentially infective aerosol within the surgery, and we will also not have sufficient surgery time to complete every comprehensive repair. We will endeavour to assess the need prior to your visit, to maximise the benefit to you, but cannot guarantee all repairs will be completed.


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